eCommerce Support for Vending & Dispensing Solutions

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Customer Background:

A prominent paper processing machinery manufacturer, operating under the umbrella of a renowned global conglomerate.

Business Challenge:

The customer aimed to introduce a new paper shearing knife tailored for smaller plants. However, they faced a critical hurdle. Their existing machinery series was perceived as a premium product, creating a perception gap for entry-level and emerging markets.

Objectives and Measures of Success:

The customer’s main goal was to strengthen their digital reputation in order to position themselves as a high-value, low-cost solution provider for the paper processing industry. They sought to achieve this through various strategic measures.

Challenges Faced:

The challenge lay in redefining the brand perception of the customer’s machinery series. The existing perception as a premium product didn’t align with the targeted entry-level and emerging markets.

Solution Provided:

To address this challenge, a comprehensive digital reputation management strategy was implemented. The solution consisted of the following key components:

Brand Mentions:

Ensured consistent and positive mentions of the customer’s offerings across relevant digital platforms.

Social Listening:

Monitored online conversations to gauge customer sentiment, gather insights, and address concerns effectively.

Social Media Marketing:

Leveraged social media platforms to engage with the target audience and showcase the new paper shearing knife as a viable solution.

Negative Search Fix:

Addressed and mitigated negative search results through optimization techniques and content promotion.

Organic SEO (On-page & Off-page):

Improved the customer’s website visibility through strategic on-page and off-page SEO efforts, making their products more discoverable.

Audience Experience Management:

Ensured a seamless and positive user experience across all digital touchpoints, reinforcing the customer’s commitment to quality.

Gamification and Employee Engagement:

Encouraged internal stakeholders to engage with the brand online, fostering a culture of advocacy.

New Markets Entry and Competitive Advantage:

Utilized the enhanced digital reputation to gain entry into new markets, where the customer now held a competitive advantage.

Results Achieved:

The strategic digital reputation management efforts yielded impressive results:

Increased Brand Visibility:

Positive brand mentions and heightened online engagement led to increased visibility across the industry.

Search Advertising

  • Optimized Google Ad Spend to generate savings of 12%+ outcomes at the same spend
  • CPC reduced for most Ad Groups

Revenue Growth

  • Increased On-Page conversions by 40% +
  • eCommerce portal started generating revenue as an additional stream
  • In 1 month, reached $28 K daily billing

Social Engagements

  • 600%+ more social engagements compared to a year earlier

Market Research

  • 3 Market research reports for new market entry
  • 4 Competition research reports
  • 4 Thought leadership whitepapers/ reports

WebSite Upkeep

  • Less than 2 hours of total downtime across 13 websites in an entire year through real-time monitoring
  • Search optimization by driving 98 parameters on a quarterly basis

Lessons Learned:

This success story highlighted the significance of digital reputation management in today’s competitive landscape. It demonstrated that strategic efforts to align brand perception with target markets can yield substantial results. Crafting a comprehensive online presence helps establish credibility and drives business growth.

Before we wrap:

By effectively addressing the challenge of aligning the customer’s machinery series perception with their targeted markets, the implemented digital reputation management strategy significantly boosted the customer’s position as a valuable, cost-effective solution provider in the paper processing industry.This case study exemplifies how a strategic digital reputation management approach can reshape market perception and drive business success. If you’re seeking to enhance your brand’s reputation and expand your reach, learn more about how our tailored digital reputation management solutions can propel your business forward. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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