Web Technology & Marketing

Website Technology encompasses all the skills that are required to: Build a website Maintain a website Optimize a website

Page development, page optimization, page responsiveness, page performance, integration with automation platforms, consequential plugins for specific objectives and a host of other actions need to be carried out across the entire life of the website.

Equally important are campaign related activities like CTA optimization, integration of landing pages and web assets in the campaign workflow, driving conversions using tools like exit intent, remarketing/ retargeting, page analytics, audience behaviour tracking, cookies management, etc

Last but not the least, websites are the face of the business. So they need to reflect the business’s adherence to compliance with regulations like GDPR, CANSPAM, IP protection and respect for 3rd party IP, etc.

Our comprehensive web tech skills delivers all of this and much more. But we believe the true value we bring for our customers are: We make the website your revenue generating asset We ensure that it truly reflects the professionalism and the brand that your business personifies We deliver uptime, performance and reputation for your single most important digital asset that serves as the world’s window to your business

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