Merely putting the content out there is no longer sufficient. Today’s digital marketing has evolved to become an intelligent, responsive, agile tool to create the right brand perception, nudge the prospect along the sales cycle and drive loyalty.

Across the entire sales cycle, digital marketing can use the power of content and data to personalize the communication on the fly. Machine learning is helping optimize content delivery.

AI tools are helping audience ensure that they get the right information at the right time while giving the seller a chance to conduct real-time smart and purposeful conversations.

MinoriLabs consists of a team of certified professionals with expertise across various digital execution platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Zoho, Pardot, Eloqua, Google, Facebook, etc.

The trifecta of Analytics-Automation-Augmentation helps us leverage the power of the digital environment in a plethora of combinations. We have practically implemented use cases like Machine Learning for Real-Time Content Hyper-Personalization, Predictive Analytics for Identifying Prospects ahead of conversion and Ad Spend Optimization with mathematical modelling.

The marketing tech stack is evolving at a great pace. Ten years ago, there were about approx. 2000 software applications, while today there are more than 14000 tools. As technology continues to grow at an astronomical pace it becomes crucial for companies to stay abreast with the latest innovations and leverage them.

Our digital execution skills help you push the content, drive engagement, create prospects, nurture the pipeline, convert opportunities and enhance loyalty by combining the power of deliverables from all other marketing skills with the latest in marketing technology.

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