Marketing Support for Industrial Curing Equipment Manufacturer

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Customer Background:

A prominent UV irradiation equipment manufacturer, holding the distinction of being North America’s largest within a $23 billion German conglomerate. 

Business Challenge:

The customer’s objective was clear: to amplify revenue streams from large businesses generating under $100,000 in annual revenue. 

Objectives and Measures of Success:

The core objectives were twofold – first, to extract untapped potential from a vast customer base generating a fraction of the revenue, and second, to achieve diversification and sustainable growth. 

Challenges Faced:

Remarkably, over 84% of the revenue stemmed from a handful of clients, leaving approximately 3000+ customers in an unengaged state for numerous years. This challenge served as the catalyst for their transformative journey. 

Solutions Provided: Empowering Market Expansion and Revenue Diversification 

Market Viability Tests: 

  • Conducted comprehensive secondary research to uncover the growth potential within the latent long-tail customer base, constituting more than 95% of the customer list yet contributing less than 16% of annual revenue. 

Digital Demand Generation: 

  • Devised an intricate marketing plan and lead generation schedule to fuel engagement and conversions. 
  • Backed by a meticulously planned schedule of execution, the marketing plan targeted heightened visibility and customer interaction. 

Digital Reputation Management: 

  • Executed strategic initiatives to bolster the customer’s digital reputation and amplify their market standing. 

New-Market Entry: 

  • Engaged in exhaustive market research to explore the potential within the Indian market. 
  • Presented a comprehensive market viability study, along with a robust 3-year business plan and a detailed projected profit and loss analysis. 

Event Success Campaign: CES Show in North America 

  • Devised a dynamic event success campaign centered around the CES show. 
  • Crafted compelling campaign content to entice prospects. 
  • Exceeded the target footfall by 1.8 times, thus augmenting brand visibility. 
  • Garnered a remarkable 2 times more appointments than initially projected. 
  • Orchestrated impactful pre and post-event publicity to sustain momentum. 

Results Achieved: 

Diversified Revenue Streams: The strategic approach led to a significant shift in revenue sources, reducing dependency on a select few clients. 

  • Unleashed Potential: Reviving engagement from the long-tail customer base unearthed substantial growth potential. 
  • Market Expansion: The market viability study paved the way for a successful new-market entry strategy, notably in India. 
  • Event Triumph: The CES show campaign demonstrated the power of effective event planning, with footfall and appointments surpassing targets. 

Lessons Learned: 

This case study underscores the significance of diversification in revenue streams, reiterating that even latent customer bases can hold immense untapped potential. 

Before we wrap 

Through meticulous planning, strategic market entry, and event management, the customer’s journey showcases how a comprehensive approach can achieve revenue diversification and heightened brand engagement. 

Eager to unlock untapped potential and embark on your journey of revenue diversification? Reach out to us today to explore how our tailored strategies can reshape your market landscape. Let’s propel your growth together. 

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic planning and marketing initiatives in reshaping revenue dynamics and forging new growth avenues. 

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